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World Environment Day 2020: 5 Bollywood Films That You Need to WATCH Right Now

Ritika Singh

World Environment Day 2020: 5 Bollywood Films That You Need to WATCH

World Environment Day 2020: Reserve your evening and get the popcorn bucket ready! Here are our 5 Bollywood favourites that will not only entertain you but may inspire you to save nature & respect natural forces.

So sit back, relax and binge watch!


Set on the holy pilgrimage, the romantic disaster film Starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali begins by paying tribute to the victims of the Uttarakhand floods in June 2013. The movie witnesses all the cloudbursts, floods, and landslides and explores the pilgrim city Kedarnath as it faced the wrath of nature.  Kedarnath tries to combine love and natural disaster. Watch Kedarnath online on ZEE5.

Mohenjo Daro(2016)

Hrithik Roshan starrer the movie is based on Indus River civilization. The drama movie has a watery finale, in which water of Sindhu River enters the village and how the protagonist Sharman saves the village and as well as her lady love Chaani aka Pooja Hegde.  This movie is currently streaming on Netflix and Hotstar + Disney.


Tum mile(2009)


Tum Mile is a musical hit Bollywood Movie starring Emraan Hashmi and Soha Ali Khan. The film depicts Maharashtra floods of 2005 that affected large areas of Mumbai. The cinematography and visuals is super realistic & once watched the movie remains in your mind forever. Tum Mile is available on Youtube.


Lagaan (2001)


The Aamir Khan starrer film not only talks about British rule and cricket but also focused on value of water. The plot is set up in a village that faces severe drought.

The water shortage reduces the village output, leading to failure of annual 'lagaan' to British company and villagers challenging them in cricket. The masterpiece also starred Gracy Singh and Rachel Shelley.You can watch Lagaan on Netflix.


Mother India (1957)

The classic Bollywood movie shows the struggle of farmers whose crops and houses are washed away by floods. One of the most successful & iconic films in Bollywood the movie highlights starvation and plague in rural India. You can stream this movie online on Youtube.

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