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With 90k+ new cases, India’s tally crossed 50 Lakh in 11 days

Poulomi Sikdar

India’s tally of total Covid-19 cases stands at 5,017,914, behind only the United States

With 90,123 new cases in the past 24 hours, India's tally of coronavirus crossed 5 Million mark. The death toll have crossed 82,000 mark as well. Till now 39,42,360 have been discharged.

On September 16th, the COVID-19 tally in the country has reached 5,20,360 cases. The death toll rose to 82,066 with 1,290 people succumbed to disease in a span of 24 hours, the data showed.

India becomes the second country in the world to report 5 million cases after USA. It had million cases in just 11 days. India reported 90,000 coronavirus cases on September 15th with 1,275 deaths.

At 998,757, the number of active cases in the country was a little below the million mark till late Tuesday night.

India now accounts for nearly one-sixth of all Covid-19 cases recorded worldwide since the outbreak originated in China nine months ago. The seven-day average has increased by 50.7% in the last 30 days — it was 61,933 on August 17.

In terms of deaths, though, India has fared much better. The case fatality rate (CFR) — the proportion of infected people who have died from the disease — is 1.64%, which is not only better than the global average of 3.16%, but has also been improving steadily. The CFR in the US is 2.95%, and in Brazil it is 3.04%

The seven-day average of daily cases in Maharashtra, the state with the highest cases and deaths, has nearly doubled — from 11,406 to 22,012 in the last 30 days. In Andhra Pradesh, on the second spot in total cases, this number has increased from 8,726 to 9,798 in the same time period, and in Karnataka it has grown from 7,276 to 9,011. In Uttar Pradesh, this has grown from 4,499 to 6,509.

Tamil Nadu (on the third spot), however, is one of the regions that appear to be experiencing a prolonged plateau — average daily cases in the state dropped marginally from 5,876 to 5,610 in 30 days.

On July 17, India recorded 1 Million cases, which double in 20 days on August 7th. Another 1 Million cases added on 23rd August and went past 40 lakh in 11 days, on 5th September. In 11 days, it added another 10 lakh, taking total number to 50 lakh.

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