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Why Right Wing Pro-Censorship Hashtags #BanPataalLok and #CensorWebSeries Trends on Twitter and Why it is a Big Issue?

Ritika Singh


There has been a lot of buzz ever since Amazon's web series, Paatal Lok released. The drama crime thriller series received a great response from audience.

But why #BanPaatalLok?

But since past few days, a section of Netizens is unhappy with release of Anushka Sharma online directorial debut.Twitter users alleged the show for promoting Hinduphobia. The show is being highly criticized and several hashtags such as #BanPaatalLok, # BoycottPataalLok among others. Claims have been made there are certain scenes that particularly are targeted on Hindus, Hinduphobic and have hurted Hindu sentiments.

One scene, in particular, was pointed out by many, they shared that it was offensive to show a man-eating beef in front of the picture of a Hindu Goddess.

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#CensorWebSeries How It Started—  & Why netizens think Hindu Culture is in danger?

#CensorWebSeries has been trending on twitter and we have got you reason why Netizens are demanding to censor web series on social media. Since 'Patal Lok' was highlighted for encouraging hinduphobia, now people are targeting many web series. You must know that before the films are aired, they have to pass through the censor board.The OTT platforms have given a stage to Indian content which would otherwise not pass through censorship test. There is no censor board here.

Users now are demanding censors for web series by tagging information and broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar. They are alleging that this web series like The Family Man, Code M, Sacred Games, Leila and several web series is serving a special type of content, intentionally targeting Hindu sentiments and showing only some dark false narratives.

The tweets mainly focused  Paatal Lok alleges that the show deals with religion and caste in an "Anti-Hindu” way.

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Patal Lok is streaming on Amazon Prime. The show has received great response from audience. The series features Jaideep Ahlawat, Abhishek Banerjee, Neeraj Kabi , Gul Panag , Sudip Sharma and others.

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