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Who is Binod? Here is How The Twitter Meme Fest Originated

Debanjana Dutta

Anything that happens now becomes the subject of making memes. Whether it is the Prime Minister’s mistake to say ‘Aditya Yoginath’ or a tik tok video of a common man. Memes has now spread from Facebook to Twitter. Recently, ‘Binod’ has stepped into such a mime world.

But the question is who is this Binod? Why  suddenly there was a storm in the world with a name? Some people are looking for the answer. But the good news for them is that there is no Binod. This means that no one  popular or well known.

But after a comment ‘Binod’, now this name has come up in the trending world of memes. Hashtag Binod is now the new trend on Twitter. But where exactly did it start?

Well, now the mystery is finally cracked!

A search operation for an individual was carried out by Mumbai, Nagpur, Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh for over three days on Twitter . The name of that Individual was Binod . But who is Binod who trended on Twitter for days together.

Therefore atlast the answer of question ‘ who is Binod ? ‘ was found . Binod’s original name is Binod Tharu who has an channel with no videos in YouTube . He is the one who reached out to every other various comment section of YouTube videos and write’ Binod’. A YouTube Channel recently uploaded a funny video of how meanless comments in YouTube channels are and showcased the comment ‘Binod’ in that video . Binod started trending on Twitter leaving YouTube behind. All leading brands picked up the trend and it was all Binod everywhere.

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