What is BJP’S next plan for Bengal?


BJP's 'Mission 200' for West Bengal assembly elections

Following a massive win in the Bihar Assembly elections, it now time for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to turn the focus on West Bengal and its upcoming assembly election. With the entire responsibility of winning in this once-a-communist Baston on Home Minister Amit Shah, he has prepared a game plan to win the 2021 battle and how they will enter the electoral battle against the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and its leader Mamata Banerjee. BJP has targeted to win 200 seats for the West Bengal assembly elections which is scheduled to be held in April and May.

Shah has set a target of winning 200 seats out of 294 seats in the state assembly for which he has invented formula 23 of 'Mission 200' for Bengal.

Formula 23 for election

Ever since the BJP was preparing for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls and Narendra Modi was named as a Prime Ministerial candidate, the then President of the saffron party Amit Shah started preparations for the win at the booth level across the country with the name 'mera booth, sabze mazboot'.The part workers across the nation were then instructed to prepare a report revealing the ground reality and promise made, after this, in many states elections, Amit Shah adopted the same formula because somewhere it is tried and tested the BJP formula.Not only this, even after BJP won the 2014 elections, till the time Shah was the president, the program continued to be run at booth level in many states and in-house preparations were started much before 2019, which resulted in more votes in 2019.

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Under this formula, the focus of the party (BJP) will be to increase the number of foot soldiers who will go door-to-door encouraging people to download more and more Namo app and With the help of this app. People will be informed from time to time about the achievements of the Modi government and what the central government is doing for the states.

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Division of booths

The booths at the division level are divided into four categories - A, B, C and D in which the hardest work is required on the D category. Under this, the workers are put to work by giving targets.

In C category booths party officials are given the responsibility of converting the C category booths into A category.The number of office bearers of all booths is updated at the BJP headquarters that keeps taking reports from them from time to time.

At every booth, one or two members are fully given the responsibility to organize at least 6 programs related to Modi government and listening to 'Mann ki baat'. Information like how many voters are having smartphones at every booth of BJP, and how many voters have subscribed to BJP channel are also taken a stock of.

RSS to be involved actively

During this entire event, the help of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) volunteers will also be taken to strengthen the booths and the BJP will instruct its workers to work in tandem with Sangh workers to strengthen their booths.Work will also be done on to collect people's numbers and their details by going door-to-door, as well as a list of beneficiaries of different schemes run by the central government, is being prepared and given in the headquarters. Demography, caste equations are being studied and representatives who would better suit the area are being decided.

Social media participation

Besides all this, all the ministers are advised to be active on Twitter.Although now BJP President JP Nadda has also prepared many programs for Bengal, if partysources are to be believed, Amit Shah, the party strategist for Bengal will spend at least 8 days of every month in Bengal from January 2021 unless Elections conclude as it has become a matter of prestige for him.In this regard, the BJP national general secretary said seeing the Bihar results Mamata Banerjee has gone mad and she is now attacking the state presidents to stop the growing influence of BJP in Bengal. But we will not be afraid nor will we bow down and by this time in 2021, the Bharatiya Janata Party government will be formed in Bengal.

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