West Bengal: Service Resumes in Government Sector, Attendance Remain Short

Ritika Singh

Some of the Government departments resumed their services on Monday. The attendance of workforce was merely 25%. Officials pointed out, the reason behind the short attendance, was lack of public transport.

Few workers attended work at Nabanna and Writers. The work-places are following strict cleanliness guidelines directed by Central Government: they had to wash their hands at the entrance and then, on entering respective departments, they again had to use sanitizers. Hand sanitizers are placed at receptions and the premises are buildings are sanitized with disinfectant every day.

Other cautions adopted by the work buildings include restriction on the entry of visitors, sanitisation of vehicles once a day and not allowing too many people in the conference rooms.

The department has come up with work-from-home arrangements for employees, especially those who live far from office. “We have given many of them computers. Those who stay nearby will attend office,” said an official.

A source said union government workers in West Bengal are asked to use electronic communication to ensure less physical movements. The Income tax department started working with 33% workforce. GST Bhavan also resumed work, on Monday.

The urban development and municipal affairs department sanitized their several o offices in Salt Lake, like Purta Bhavan, Nagarayon Bhavan and Bikash Bhavan, before the workers attended office on Monday.


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