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#WeMetOnTwitter: Twitter flooded with memes more than cute love stories

Rida Shaikh

#WeMetOnTwitter has been trending high on Twitter all day long. Couples have been sharing their cute and lovey-dovey stories about how they met on the micro-blogging platform all day today. Contrary to these sweet stories that were being shared all day, Twitter has been much more flooded with memes about this trend.

It all started when a user decided to share her wedding picture online using the hashtag: #WeMetOnTwitter. The user first posted a screenshot of the online conversation exchanged between the couple two years back. Then she juxtaposed the screenshot with the picture of their wedding day.

Subsequently, their heartwarming story went viral on Twitter and other couples started sharing their love stories as well using the same hashtag.

Then as time passed, not only love stories but family bonds and friendships were also being shared on the micro-blogging platform using the same hashtag: #WeMetOnTwitter.

Apart from this, the trend also inspired a flurry of memes on the social media platform. These memes, in a way, showcased the perks as well as the struggles of living a single life.

Take a look at some of the most hilarious memes on social media:


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