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Vladimir Putin signs legislation that will grant lifetime immunity to all former Presidents of Russia

Rida Shaikh

Vladimir Putin recently signed legislation that will positively assure a lifetime to all the former presidents of Russia once they leave the office. The bill was published online on Tuesday this week.

The Bill provides the former presidents and their families lifetime immunity from the prosecution for crimes that they committed during their entire lives. The former presidents and their family members will also be exempted from all sorts of questioning and investigations by the police or the investigators. They will also be provided protection against searches or arrests.

The above mentioned Bill was a part of the constitutional amendments that were passed earlier this summer in a nationwide vote. The nationwide vote allowed Vladimir Putin, who is sixty-eight years old, to remain in office until 2036.

Before the legislation was turned into a law, the former presidents were only immune to prosecution for crimes committed while they were in office. Now, they are immune to prosecution for crimes that they might have committed in their entire lifetime.

However, a former president can still be stripped of his immunity if his crimes are confirmed by the Supreme Court and if he is accused of treason.

The legislation is also reported to provide the former presidents a lifetime seat in the federation council or the senate. This position assures immunity from prosecution for crimes after a president leaves his office.

The pending bills in the previous month sparked a rumour that the longtime Russian leader will step down from his position due to ill health. But, the rumour was denied by the Kremlin.

In a formality step, the legislation only requires Vladimir Putin's signature so that it can be recognized as an effective law.

Another legislation that was passed on Tuesday was by the lower house State Duma. The legislation aims at making the information about employees of Russia's judicial system, law enforcement, and regulatory and military bodies confidential.


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