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Vivek Oberoi’s house searched in relation to drugs case

Rida Shaikh

Vivek Oberoi's home has reportedly been searched by the Central Crime Branch in relation to a drug case. The Central Crime Branch team searched the Bollywood actor’s home in relation to a drug case that allegedly involves his brother-in-law Aditya Alva as well.

Aditya Alva is the son of former Karnataka Minister Jeevraj Alva. According to a report by Times Now, the cops have been searching for Aditya Alva for quite some days now. Vivek Oberoi’s brother-in-law Aditya Alva has been allegedly involved in a drug case that involves other singers and actors from the Kannada film industry as well.

According to PTI, “Vivek Oberoi is his relative and we got some information that Alva is there...So a court warrant was obtained and the Central Crime Branch Team has gone to his house in Mumbai.”

Kannada filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh exposed the Sandalwood drug racket earlier this year. According to the reports, Aditya Alva along with the prime accused Shivaprakash Chuppi and Sheik Faazil have been absconding since the Police launched a crackdown against the drug peddlers, suppliers, and rave party organizers. Until now, twelve people have been arrested in relation to the case.

Actress Ragini Dwivedi and Sanjjanaa Galrani are presently under judicial custody. While the Central Crime Branch is currently expanding its probe, the Narcotics Control Bureau has conducted many raids in Bengaluru including Aditya Alva’s house. Party organizer Viren Khanna and realtor Rahul Thonse have also been arrested. Ragini was taken under custody on 4th September by the CCB while Sanjjana was arrested on 8th September after their respective houses were raided.

While giving his statement, Kannada filmmaker and journalist Indrajit Lankesh affirmed that around fifteen people from the Kannada film industry were involved in the drug case. The raid at Vivek Oberoi’s house came days after the CCB conducted a raid at various premises of Ricky Rai.


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