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Valorant Brings Prime 2.0 Skins Set Tomorrow, Includes Karambit Knife

Soham Ghosh

Valorant new prime 2.0 set poster

Alongside the new character Astra and battle pass, Valorant is also adding one more attraction on March 2. The game is getting Prime//2.0 Bundle, a Prime skin set designed as an evolution of the original Prime set, complete with new skins and features for several weapons. Let's check out what Valorant new Prime 2.0 set has to offer.

What you will get in the set:

The bundle is available for 7,100 VP (the separate components are 11,825 on their own), the new Prime set includes the Phantom, Frenzy, Bucky, and Odin weapons, along with a karambit-style melee weapon. If you've played Splinter Cell Blacklist or have seen The Raid 2, it's the famous Indonesian Asian knife with a deadly curved blade. The karambit version included in this set isn't quite as drastic a curve as some we've seen, but its golden blade should strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

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You'll also get a gun buddy, card, and spray as part of the bundle, and there are seven levels that add things like gold, green, and red variants of the skin.

Riot Games' goal with designing the new Prime set was to evoke the look of a clean, futuristic design of a hypercar. These include the exhaust ports on the weapons themselves, which are based on car exhaust in very expensive vehicles, according to senior weapons design artist Chris Stone.

The color scheme in Prime//2.0 is different than the first set, as well, with a focus on black, gold, and white. It's designed to appear distinct enough from the original Prime set to feel like an evolution while still looking like it belongs under the old Prime banner. This and the Glitchpop sets are the last ones Riot has planned for now, according to Stone, as the team wants to gather more feedback from players before it commits to anything else.

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