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Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland expected to hit the big screen in July 2021

Rida Shaikh

Uncharted movie has already completed filming and this bit of news might come as a surprise to most of the fans. The movie had been announced way back in 2008 and has gone a lot of directors ever since. However, director Rubun Fleischer was the one to finally be able to persuade Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg to do the movie. While the movie has completed its filming, its videogame adaptation might consume some time before it is ready to hit the big screens. Going ahead with the details of the movie, scroll down the page to read everything that you need to know about it!

‘Uncharted’ release date

The original release date for Uncharted was announced back in 2016. Now, the initial production has been completed and Sony has decided the date of 16th July 2021 for its release. However, it is highly likely that the movie’s release date changes due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic that continues to affect no just the cinemas but all sorts of activities around the globe.

 ‘Uncharted’ Cast and Filmmakers

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland will be seen playing the role of Nathan Drake in the movie Uncharted. He will be playing a younger version of the character than what is seen in the video game. Mark Wahlberg will be bringing the seasoned treasure hunter Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan to life. Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan acts as Nathan Drake’s mentor.

Other key actors in the movie include Sophia Taylor Ali who is rumoured to have been playing Chloe Frazer and Antonio Banderas who is reported to play the villain. Chloe Frazer is a fellow treasure hunter who is shown to have a romantic past with Nathan Drake and the movie could help us decode what actually happened between the duo. Tati Gabrielle is also reported to be an actor in the movie but her role isn’t revealed yet.

As mentioned before, Uncharted movie was announced way back in 2008 and a lot of directors have gone through it ever since. The very first director of the movie was David O Russell. But, due to work commitments, David O Russell soon left the project and Neil Burger was then taken aboard.

Neil Burger then went off to direct the Divergent movies and in 2014 Seth Gordon was hired. Chris Pratt heard the news and then declined the role of Nathan Drake. Seth Gordon then left the movie too. By 2016, Shawn Levy was hired. He left the project too and Dan Trachtenberg took over in 2019. Trachtenberg also left the project because of Tom Holland’s tight schedule for Spider-Man 3 and Travis Knight took over the role in September later that year.

After all the hiring and leaving that went on for twelve long years. Rubun Fleischer finally came on-board and did what no one else could. He actually completed filming an Uncharted movie. And we all can only hope to see it later this year!


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