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UGC decides against scrapping exams for final-year students, Govt gives nod

Vishnu Vasisht

The Union Home Ministry has written a letter to the Union Higher Education Secretary, approving the conduct of examinations by universities and colleges. Now final year exams will be compulsory in colleges and universities. According to the guidelines issued by the UGC related to the exam and academic calendar for the universities, the final term exam will be done accordingly. Apart from this, the examination will have to be conducted according to the standard operating procedure approved by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

At the same time, UGC has not released any official statement yet, but according to sources, now the University Grant Commission (UGC) will also not recommend cancellation of final year exams. The guidelines issued by the UGC regarding the examinations on April 29, 2020, will no longer change. But there is little change in the exam calendar. Previously, where the final year exams were directed to be held from July 1 to 15, it has now been extended to September. A guideline in this regard will be released soon by UGC.
A special examination will be conducted after September for students who cannot sit for the final semester or final year exam in September. Those who are not able to pass the exam will also get a chance to improve their performance.

Changes in the medium and manner of examinations have been recommended for universities to conduct examinations in a short time. For example, the duration of the examination can be reduced from 3 hours to 2 hours. Apart from this, it can be allowed to conduct both online and offline exams.

UGC’s revised guidelines are likely to have an impact on examination schedules in Gujarat and Karnataka. However, it’s not clear about Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh who have decided to cancel all exams in higher education.

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