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Two New Final Fantasy 7 Games Revealed: Ever Crisis And The First Soldier

Soham Ghosh

Final fantasy 7 Remake poster

Two new Final Fantasy 7-related games have been revealed: Ever Crisis and The First Soldier, both of which are mobile games. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade took the spotlight during the recent State of Play, showing off new story content starring Yuffie and flexing the free PS5 upgrade features, but these new mobile games seem to be some wild twists to the FF7 universe in their own right.

Ever Crisis

Ever Crisis is a remake of the original Final Fantasy 7 along with elements of Crisis Core, Before Crisis, Dirge of Cerberus, and Advent Children. It follows the same timeline in a chapter structure, but with an all-new graphical style and visual styles that bridge the game between the original game and FF7 Remake's flair--a demake of a remake, if you will. It's coming to iOS and Android platforms sometime in 2022.

First Soldier

The other game coming to the Final Fantasy 7 universe is called The First Soldier. It's a multiplayer battle royale game that fuses third-person shooter elements with some of the action-based combat and RPG elements of FF7 Remake. The graphics are pretty good in terms of mobile version, but don’t expect it to be like PUBG. The gameplay mechanism is of standard quality but might have been better. It's also coming to iOS and Android later this year.

For more on what's going on with the mainline game, catch up on all the details we gathered from Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade to see what's in store come June 10 this year. To catch up on all the announcements and gameplay reveals, check out our State of Play recap.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade wasn't the only announcement for the series. Ever Crisis retells the original game while The First Soldier is a battle royale, both for mobile. With PUBG gone for a long while now, some new mobile games will surely be a treat for gamers.

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