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TV news anchor Priya Juneja commits suicide in Delhi

Vishnu Vasisht

Priya Juneja, who works in a TV channel in New Delhi, has committed suicide. According to reports, it is not clear why she took this step.

Priya had recently changed her job. She previously worked in a national news channel but recently switched jobs.

A friend of Priya, a graduate from Delhi University, told that she was the eldest of three sisters. According to her close relatives, she was seen mostly smiling. Priya recently shared about the troubles in lockdown during an interview with singer Kailash Kher.

No suicide note has been recovered after her death. Priya Juneja's body was found in a house in the Welcome area of ​​East Delhi. After the death of Priya, a post-mortem of her body was done and her body has been handed over to the family. However, why did she commit suicide? It has not been disclosed yet.

Meanwhile, in some media reports, it is being said that Priya Juneja was upset about the job. However, it has not yet been confirmed by the family or the police. Currently, she was working as an anchor in a YouTube channel in Haryana. Initial investigation has revealed that Priya was very upset about the job.

Priya worked as an anchor in several news channels. Initial investigation revealed to the police that Priya had fallen into depression due to some reason, that is why she took this step. According to the police, Priya lived with her family, The family consists of father Pawan Kumar Juneja, mother Anita and two sisters.

On Thursday night, Priya had dinner with the family and went to sleep in her room. At around five o'clock on Friday morning, family members saw Priya hanging in her room. According to relatives, Priya's father works in a shop in Sadar Bazar, Priya and her father were the only earners in the house.

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