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Trade with India to be ceased by Pakistan

Alok Parekh

Pakistan stops trade with India

On Saturday, April 3, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, said that Pakistan can not continue with any sort of trade with India under the current scenario and tensions between the two countries. Prime Minister Khan announced this after he consulted with the important members of his Cabinet about importing cotton and sugar from their neighboring country, India. After discussing the same with the Cabinet on Friday, April 2, he directed the Ministry of Commerce and his economic team to take steps accordingly as soon as possible and find alternative sources which are cheaper, for the import of sugar and cotton.

According to a report, Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has received several proposals regarding the same. ECC is a committee which considers such type of suggestions and advice on the basis of the commercial and economic point of view. After the ECC considers a proposal, the decision is presented in front of the cabinet for final approval.
According to sources, in the current case of Pakistan’s trade with India, the ECC was presented with a proposal that said that the import of cotton yarn, sugar, and cotton should be continued keeping into consideration the domestic requirements. With respect to the proposal by ECC, Imran Khan held meetings and consulted with the important members of his Cabinet and declared that the country will not continue with its trade with India keeping in mind the present situation.

On Thursday, April 1, the Cabinet which is led by Prime Minister Khan denied the proposal by the ECC to continue trade with India and import cotton from the country. In addition to this, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, firmly said that the decision will not be reviewed and discussed unless and until New Delhi takes back its decision which lent Jammu and Kashmir special status in 2019.


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