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Thunderstorm continued for long time derailed normal life in Kolkata

Debanjana Dutta

Rain has been playing since the beginning of the innings. A few hours of torrential rains on Sunday virtually washed away vast areas of Gangetic Bengal, including Kolkata. There has been a lot of lightning. Even though such thunderstorms occur in summer storms, not so much thunderstorms are seen in monsoons. The weather office has forecast that such rains may continue in different parts of South Bengal in a few days.

According to the Alipore Meteorological Department, there is no cyclone or depression, but the formation of multiple thunderstorms in the skies of Gangetic Bengal, including Kolkata. The height of each cloud was 8-9 km. As a result, lightning strikes frequently. Ganesh Kumar Das, head of the Alipore Meteorological Department, said such large clouds could be seen during Kalbaishakhi, but not usually during the rainy season. According to some meteorologists, there were many differences in temperature between the upper and lower layers of the atmosphere. So water vapor condenses quickly. The supply of water vapor is endless, so the clouds have grown in size and have been raining for a long time.

Why such heavy rain? Ganeshbabu said the seasonal axis is slowly coming south from North Bengal. Strong monsoon winds are blowing from the Bay of Bengal. That water vapor condenses rapidly under the influence of the wind axis, creating thunderstorms.

Seeing the rain of this day, some people say, the clouds seemed to break! A resident of Dumdum Cantonment said, “It rained for about an hour and a half here!” Although many areas were inundated by the rains. Alipore received 19.5 mm of rain till 5:30 pm. Elsewhere in the city and in the suburbs, however, rainfall levels were much higher. Rain fell in North and South 24 Parganas, Howrah and Hughli. There has been less rain in two parts of Medinipur, Jhargram and Nadia.Many houses and shops in Ward 8 of Dumdum Municipality, Dumdum Cantonment and other suburban areas have been flooded. Police said the water had accumulated in Dumdum, Patipukur underpass, Chittaranjan Avenue, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Muktarambabu Street, area adjacent to Uttar Bandar Thana, Highland Park and Ajaynagar Service Road. Residents are angry over the work of the city administration in the way water has accumulated in various urban areas including Dumdum. Many say sewage has not been reformed. So the water is not coming out fast. A resident of Durganagar said, “Now, even if it rains a little, water is accumulating in places where I have not seen water accumulation before.”

This time there is a grace of rain in agriculture. There is no irrigation crisis. However, some say that heavy rains in a short period of time can damage the grain in a detour. Thus, the price of grain has gone up after Ampan. If the crop is damaged, it can increase further.

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