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The Umbrella Academy (S02) Review: Improved a lot by mending its previous mistakes and thus gives a highly satisfying second season.

Aakash Mishra

But, now when everyone is far apart from each other and trying to adapt in their own timelines, we get to know more about every character and their philosophy.

This is mostly a spoiler-free discussion and this review only contains a technical assessment of the second season.

2020 feels like a gradually developing apocalypse on its own. And, all the TV/Web shows are determined to show their own versions of apocalypse. We recently defeated an apocalypse in the German Netflix show, Dark but get ready for another “making everything right so that the apocalypse doesn’t happen” plot by the second season of The Umbrella Academy. Season 1 of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy was charming in its own way but my major problem with it was that it focused on the character of Number Five much more than the others but it seems like the makers finally heard my complaints and mend the overall characterization of the show.

Almost similar to Season 1, the Hargreeves siblings are accidentally bestrewed across different timelines and Number Five is trying to bring them back to their version of 2019 before the apocalypse occurs. But there is another Reginald story they are investigating this time and also battling a ‘protectors of timeline’ group called The Commission. The first season was practically so busy in unraveling the dysfunctionality of the Hargreeves family that it somehow forgot to give a deeper insight into each character. But, now when everyone is far apart from each other and trying to adapt in their own timelines, we get to know more about every character and their philosophy.

Diego( David Castaneda) spends his entire time trying to aware the public. In fact, all these failed superheroes are trying to figure out things on their own and it is engrossing to see them trying to live a normal life. I still feel Allison’s character is underdeveloped and could have got more layers. Ellen Page’s Vanya is suffering from amnesia, yet her determination to mend the relationship with her siblings seems charming. But, even after improved characterization, I am unable to make a deep emotional connection to any character because the events surrounding them are elevated to such a high level that everything seems like a fading reality. As soon as you try to develop a connection with a character, the makers press the ‘reset’ button.

The action sequences are well-paced and choreographed but they don’t know when to stop, at places they felt to be stretched longer than the normal. The music score much like the first season helps the overall narrative in many ways. The showrunner Steve Blackman has interestingly found new ways to make the narrative appear more satisfying than the first season. Unlike the first season, the creators have found a way to portray dysfunctionality and changed sentiments of characters appreciating each other even while mocking each other pitilessly. Overall, The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is highly satisfying. It has improved a lot on the basis of characterization but it still feels incomplete at places in terms of forming an emotional bonding.

Cast: Tom Hopper, Ellen Page, David Castaneda, Emmy Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher.

Creator: Steve Blackman

Streaming: Netflix

Verdict: An improved season, hoping it gets much better in the next one. If you have watched season 1 then continue with this season definitely.

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