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Rida Shaikh

For the very first time, The Social House: India's top poetry and storytelling YouTube Channel founded by Ravie Solanky, hobnobbed and stepped out of Delhi in order to descry young talents and help them pave their journey in art. The Social House believes that everyone has a story and everyone is a story. With this credence, Ravie Solanky with his other team members set forth an artistic venture and chose the City of Joy, Kolkata, as their first abode. Niraj Nidan, an eminent poet of The Social House shot the breeze with Saahil Agarwal, owner of Squarefoot Cafe in Kolkata who is also a young artist and poetry enthusiast, and in due course, the two collaborated and hosted an event on 4th April at around 4:30 in the evening. It had thirteen participants and around fifty spectators who travelled from all over the city as well as from different states to witness this remarkable event.

Squarefoot Cafe aims at bringing talents from across the city to showcase and build their art by giving them a  definite platform. The Social House's mission is to give voice to every talent and thus for the very first time as a perfect blend, TSH collaborated with Squarefoot Cafe, a quaint, cosy, pet-friendly cafe in Kolkata, near Urbana. The Social House is now in search of many such talents from across the city and they hope to bring about more such events and add to the cultural value of the city and its people.

Niraj Nidan ( An Established Poet of The Social House) said-

In the artistic city of Kolkata.. I feel encouraged and empowered to see the love and passion towards this art and " The Social House." And we will continue this journey towards a better and prosperous future for all the aspirant art lovers.
Ravie Solanki ( founder - The Social House) said -
"It's really a joyful ride to be in the city of joy to provide our platform to the talented artists and wish to serve and nurture many more in the queue...Thanks a ton Kolkata for your warm welcome and a second home away from home."


Saahil Agarwal ( founder - SquareFoot Cafe) said -
" We really needed this...Such a big platform finally putting its first stepping stone in Kolkata. I cannot describe how lucky I feel to have collaborated with The Social House. "

Follow The Social House:

Instagram- https://instagram.com/thesocialhouse?igshid=1fni2wjgojnlm

YouTube- https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCeMecwNIJrd_kyw_6fKgmqw?feature=emb_ch_name_ex


Follow Square Foot Cafe:

Instagram- https://instagram.com/squarefootcafe?igshid=qxdqsy1bs1dw

Facebook-  https://m.facebook.com/squarefootcafe/videos/catch-these-amazing-stand-up-comics-comicsujit-and-ayan_1987-only-at-squarefootc/226389555893420/


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