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The low-cost Dexamethasone emerges as the first life-saving drug for Covid-19

Vishnu Vasisht

Amid the fast number of growing Covid-19 cases, A good news has emerged. A trial has revealed that giving low doses of the generic steroid Dexamethasone to hospitalized patients of Covid-19 has reduced the death rate by up to a third in even the most severe cases of infection.

The result is believed to be a major success against the coronavirus. The clinical trial was carried out by UK-led scientists. According to researchers, the drug should be included in the hospital on a priority basis for Covid-19 patients. Professor Martin Landre of the University of Oxford, who is leading the clinical trial, said, "This is a result that shows that patients with Covid-19 who are on ventilators or oxygen are given dexamethasone, and has turned out to be life saving. Not only this, all this can be done at relatively low cost".

According to his colleague Peter Horby, "Dexamethasone is a common steroid widely used in other diseases to reduce inflammation. It is the only drug that has reduced mortality so far. Horby described it as a great success". UK Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Tuesday that the UK has started giving dexamethasone to coronavirus patients immediately.

He said that the UK has started stocking the drug extensively after examining the potential of the drug three months ago. He said in a statement, "Because we had already tested the potential of dexamethasone, we stocked it since March. "Significantly, there is no approved treatment or vaccine treatment for Covid-19 at this time.

Dexamethasone drug is also not expensive and can be used to save lives worldwide.

In a recent study, it was said that the hydroxychloroquine used in the treatment of malaria is not useful in the treatment of coronavirus. The study included more than 11,000 patients in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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