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The facility of video call to 100 people at once, Bengal student surprised China by making a new app

Debanjana Dutta

Lockdown after a few days after the end of the secondary examination. It is also forbidden to take a step out of the house even if you get leave to study. So video calls are the only way to meet friends. But all of a sudden the tension on the Ladakh border was heard. After hearing about barbarism, reluctance to use Chinese technology was created. The urge to do something by oneself was also created. A secondary examinee named Arnab Modak from Radhanagar village of Ghatal made ‘Drishti App’ by capitalizing on that zeal. The app is also available in the Google Play Store.

Arnab, a student of Jatsara Ramakrishna High School in Ghatal, said, “After giving the secondary examination, I wanted to do something. One day I heard that due to the Indo-Chinese conflict, there was a demand to shut down all Chinese apps. Then I thought if an app can be made. Then I started thinking. In the last two and a half months, I spent 16 to 18 hours daily creating an app. Named ‘Drishti’.

What is special about ‘Drishti’ app made by Bengal boy? Most video conferencing apps can’t talk for more than half an hour. 100 people can talk at once. But you can talk as long as you want in the ‘Drishti’ app. This app is completely secure. There is no risk of any information being hacked from here. Arnab says, ‘Those who study online will get the most benefit through this app. This app will be very useful even in office, court. The app is rated 3.5 by the International Edge Rating Coalition, a mobile app rating agency. The app is also available in Google Play Store.

Arnab wants to study software in the future. Haradhanbabu, the father of the student, did not want to interfere in his work. He said, ‘Arnav used to be first in class till seventh class. But this mobile addiction lags behind in studies. I was very scared. But he promised that the results of the secondary will be good. He wanted to read about software in the future. We agreed. We are very proud of what he has done.

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