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TikTok caught spying on millions of iPhone users

Vishnu Vasisht

TikTok, the Chinese video making app, has been a subject of constant controversy. According to a report by Forbes, it has been found that the Chinese app in iOS 14 (iPhone's operating system) was trying to secretly access the clipboard through a 'bug' and gather confidential information from users.

As reported by Forbes, iPhone maker Apple initially refused to acknowledge the vulnerabilities in the Chinese app and came up with a solution following the media uproar. In this report, TikTok urged users to update and noted that the app has access to the clipboard of a person's mobile before updating.

However, rejecting all the allegations, TikTok's manufacturer, 'ByteDance', said the problem was related to an old Google advertising software development kit. In its defense, the Chinese app TikTok said that the use of the clipboard (where the copied text / letter / word is preserved) on the phone was caused by a 'feature'.

Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia found in the iOS 14 son that the Tiktok application copies what it types from the iPhone's clipboard. He discovered this when iOS 14 continued to show a 'pop-up' message.

According to TikTok manufacturers, it does this to identify repetitive spam behavior in the 'feature' of the app. At the same time, Forbes has mentioned this is happening when TikTok vowed to end this 'aggressive activity', but it continued till the end of April.

According to the report, TikTok assured that this problem was fixed. The company said via email - "Tiktok does not get access to the data, but we are still updating to resolve it." However, it was revealed in Apple's new iOS 14 that the Chinese app was still accessing clipboard messages, contrary to earlier claims.

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