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Spider Man actress Marisa Tomei regrets playing mother roles in films, know why

Palak Talwar

Marisa Tomei who plays Aunt May in Spider-Man admits she regrets doing mom roles in films.

Playing the role of Aunt May in Spider-Man series, Marisa Tomei regrets the decision of taking up mother roles. Even though the Spider-Man franchise is as big as it gets, the actress has concerns about the kind of roles that she has picked for herself. Marisa Tomei plays Aunt May, a mother figure to Tom Holland aka Peter Parker in the MCU movies and the actress will once again be seen playing the role of a mother in her upcoming movie The King of Staten Island.

Talking about the same in her interview with Collider, Marisa Tomei admitted that she is contemplating her decision. "I really regret starting down this road and I really regret starting to do that. I was, you know, talked into it – not this, but I mean just that change – and I always felt like, 'Oh, I could play a lot of things.' Honestly, it’s probably more of a stretch than other things," the actress admitted.

Marisa Tomei also expressed her concern about being typecast and said, "I think every actor and actress has a lot of dimensions to them and if the scope of what is being written and being made is narrow, and you want to keep working, you do what you can. I mean, I do. I tried it. It was maybe not the right road, but you know, I do try to make the most of it." She also revealed the kind of roles that interest her. "I mean, even genres that I would love to be in, you know? The femme fatale, and in a noir. I still think there are other aspects of even romantic comedies. I really love them, but you know really at a screwball level," Marisa said.

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