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Indian SpaceX Opening Soon! Private Players can Now Build and Launch Rockets & Satellites

Ritika Singh


India may soon have it’s own SpaceX launch like NASA astronauts. Indian government has opened up space assets for the private sector, and will also enable them to work on building rockets, satellites and launch vehicles in space. Premier League: Liverpool end 30-year title drought

The Indian Space Research Organisation chairman K Sivan has said that startups and companies will be able to build rockets and satellites and can launch services as India looks to open up the space sector to private players.

He said, “Private sector can provide space services, including building rockets and satellites."

He also added that this this will place India in the league of a handful of countries with an efficient mechanism for private sector which will lead to an improvement in accessing to space services.

“India’s contribution is only 3 percent of the global space economy of $360 billion due to the restricted utilization only by ISRO. With private sector participation, India’s contribution will increase significantly,” Sivan said.

Chairman K Sivan also added that more policies are being modified to facilitate private participation and opening up remote sensing data for private players.


“ The SATCOM policy and Remote Sensing policies need some modification which is being done,” Sivan said.

“ Remote Sensing data has two aspects - strategic data as well as data required for private players to make their applications. Such data will be made available to private companies appropriately,” Sivan said.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced in May that  government was working to provide a regulatory environment to allow the private sector to use ISRO facilities, including opening up future projects to the private sector.

She had also claimed that the government will ease geospatial data policy to make remote-sensing data more widely available to tech entrepreneurs and startups.

"Even students are creating satellites and they want facilities,  which has not been available in India. This will also stop the brain drain," union minister Jitendra Singh said in a press conference.

"Isro can focus on R&D while IN- SPACE  will take care of private participation," Singh added.

Government has announced the setting up of a regulatory body for participation of private firms in the space sector. With no one ready to enter manhole, Mangaluru BJP Corporator himself cleans clogged drain


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