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Soumitra Chatterjee’s health deteriorates slightly

Rida Shaikh

Doctors tending to Soumitra Chatterjee’s health at a private hospital in Kolkata affirmed in a statement that the neurological condition of the veteran actor has deteriorated slightly.

Soumitra Chatterjee had earlier contracted the novel coronavirus and is presently being treated for it at a private hospital in Kolkata. The doctors who are attending him said, on behalf of the hospital, that his neurological condition has experienced a slight deterioration. Besides this, the doctor confirmed that his other health parameters are in a good condition.

After conducting an MRI on the actor, the hospital issued a statement on late Tuesday night that the MRI did not reflect any structural abnormalities. Nevertheless, it was observed that as he was taken off of his steroid treatment, his neurological condition worsened in the last 24 hours. His neurological deterioration is due to the effect of COVID encephalopathy.

The statement also informed that even though the veteran actor wasn’t on oxygen support for most of the time, there hasn’t been any new sort of infection and his heart rate and blood pressure levels are at a good level. The doctor said, “The only problem is COVID encephalopathy which is sub-normal. After another couple of days of being administered steroids, he will bounce back to improvement. We are considering other options to bring back his consciousness to an earlier level. He hasn’t developed any new complication and doesn’t suffer from fever.”

According to the doctors, Soumitra Chatterjee sat up on his bed on Sunday. The doctors had cut off his high dosage of steroids since his health had been improving but after the slight deterioration in his neurological condition But now the doctors ascertained that he will be given administered steroids.

The veteran actor is also reported to have been indulging in music therapy to improve his condition. The doctor had earlier said, “In terms of treatment, we have completed the course of remdesivir plasma and others. For music therapy, we have given him the choice of music that he used to like before his neurological slump.”


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