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Shashi Tharoor attacks Modi Govt, Defames India at Lahore Fest

Vishnu Vasisht

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has said that the Modi government has failed to tackle the coronavirus epidemic and said Pakistan has done better than India in controlling the Coronavirus.

Speaking at the Lahore literature festival, Tharoor said, “The Government of India is not doing well and people are aware of it”.

Shashi Tharoor also said on the platform of Pakistan that there is discrimination between Muslims and people of North East in India.

Tharoor was associated online in a program called Lahore ‘Think Fest’ and during this program he said that discrimination has increased during the Coronavirus epidemic. Referring to the Tablighi Jamaat meeting in Delhi, he said that this incident was used to justify discrimination against Muslims in India.

“An atmosphere of fear is created from each other. I don’t know how many of you have seen the WhatsApp videos that discriminate against northeast people or people who look like them in super markets, restaurants just because they look like Chinese people,” he said.

He said, “This discrimination was also seen during the Coronavirus epidemic. When the Tablighi Jamaat issue arose. This incident was used to justify discrimination against the Muslims of India”.

BJP lashes out

On this statement, BJP leader Sambit Patra lashed out and said, “No other country is as democratic as India. Everyone is concerned here. Tharoor did evil to India with Pakistani media. Can a MP from India also make such a statement?”.

Patra said, “He never dared to ask Pakistan on persecution of minorities and bigotry. It is known daily what is happening to Hindus, Christians and Sikhs there. The kidnapping, rape and murder of a minority has become common there. After all, what do these people want? Does Congress want to contest elections from Pakistan?”

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases in India reached 75 lakh on Sunday, with 61,871 new infections reported in the last 24 hours. According to data from the Ministry of Health, the total number of coronavirus cases in the country is 74,94,551.

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