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Secret tunnel found in J&K; reveal intentions of Pak PM

Alok Parekh

A secret tunnel is found near the international border in India

BSF found out a secret tunnel in a district of Jammu and Kashmir.

In 2020, there were 930 ceasefire violations by Pakistan. The number had increased by 54% than the previous year where the number of ceasefire violations was 605. On Wednesday, January 13, Indian security forces found out a second secret tunnel, within a span of three months, that was built by the Pakistani security officers to send in terrorists to Jammu and Kashmir. The first tunnel was discovered in the month of November, last year. The Border Security Forces (BSF), informed the National Security establishment that both the underground tunnels were constructed in a very professional manner and they were very well-engineered so that the terrorists can surreptitiously and easily enter our nation.

A senior officer of the Border Security Force said that the entry to the tunnel was about 300 feet from the zero line, about 65 feet from the fence on the Indian side. It was also discovered that the tunnel was 3 feet wide and was constructed at a depth of 25 to 30 feet. The tunnel was found by the BSF’s 173 Battalion’s anti-tunneling party. According to sources, the tunnel was filled in with ‘Made in Pakistan’ sandbags at its exit on the Indian side.
As per a Counter-terror officer from New Delhi, the tunnels have also explained the times of ceasefire violations by the Pakistan security forces. Earlier, the border firings were initiated by the Pakistan security forces so that terrorists could easily enter India. But now, they also open fire to distract our security forces from the noise of the construction of tunnels.

According to a national security planner in Delhi, the Pakistani army’s acts of sending terrorists to India explains how desperately they want Kashmir to be the hotspot. He also stated about the general agreement between both the countries that Pakistan would stop infiltration attempts during the cold weather. But the recent discoveries of tunnels clearly show that General Bajwa of the Pakistan army just does not want the terror attacks to stop.


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