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Scooping voter’s opinion from ground : The Team Scrbblr

Scrbblr's Khabri

Survey at Ward no. 10 of North Kolkata

The TMC has been owning the majority of votes in Bengal since 2011 but now the political aroma seems taking a turn. Mamta Banerjee is facing the toughest election in her long political career and has set off an “insider-outsider” debate. Amid the assembly election campaign in Bengal, the voters are served with competitive options and to survey which political party is adding weight, The Scrbblr team walked on to have the ground report at ward 10 of North Kolkata, and scoop out the voters' viewpoint in the upcoming election. Amid work, the team came across Kunwar Singh Azad, a member of the election committee of West Bengal, sharing his viewpoint on the election scenario.
The polling dates in Bengal is divided into eight phases, starting from 27th of March, 1st April, 6th April, 10th April, 17th April, 22nd April, 26th April, and 29th April followed by the counting of votes on 2nd of May. Though this long phase has borrowed vivid questions, where ECI clears them answering, that it was due to maintaining peace and lawful election.

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