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Republic Day parade: No children below 15 years of age allowed, distance reduced from 8.2 km to 3.3 km

Rida Shaikh

As Republic Day is nearing, the preparations for the Republic Day parade have been going on in full swing. However, this year's Republic Day parade might be a little bit different than the past due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. The route is expected to be much shorter and the contingents will also be smaller. The spectators will be seated as per the social distancing guidelines and everyone would be compulsorily wearing masks.

A senior officer with direct information in the matter told NDTV, "The spectator strength has also been brought down from 1,15,000 to 25,000, and children below 15 years old will not be allowed entry. The number of cultural programs has also been cut down."

The senior officer also informed me that the parade will not culminate at the Red Fort. He said, "The parade will not culminate from the Red Fort. It will start from Vijay Chowk and end at the National Stadium. The distance of the parade has been cut to half, from 8.2 km to 3.3 km."

The distance has been reduced so as to maintain considerable distance between the marching troop and to abide by the rules of social distancing. All spectators will be seated according to the new protocols constructed keeping in mind the rule of social distancing. Every spectator will be mandatorily wearing a mask.

The number of individuals in every contingent has been reduced to ninety-six instead of the usual 144. The size of the contingents has also been reformulated to 12x8 in place of the usual 12x12 rows and columns.

Thermal screening will also be done at every entry point to the parade venue. Eight isolation wards and resting booths have also been set up in case any attendee reflects the symptoms of the novel coronavirus. Every booth will contain a doctor and a paramedic.


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