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Hamilton Film Review: A new, perfect way to show a chapter of history.

Aakash Mishra

What really makes this lively act more essential is its casting where the old ideas of gender and race are thrown away.

Legacy. What is a Legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see. Hamilton directed by Thomas Kail, streaming currently on Disney+Hotstar is an ode to the legacy of one of the founding fathers of politics in the United States, Alexander Hamilton in a musical-drama format. While the whole journey of Hamilton is presented through a musical play on the stage of New York’s famous Richard Rodgers Theatre.

Not diving into the radar of spoiler, let’s make the summary of the film short and simple. Hamilton explores how a young, scrappy, hungry, orphan immigrant, Alexander Hamilton who understands that the true meaning of freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves as once pointed out by Neitschze. Hamilton quotes ” Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away, no matter what they tell you.” We then see his journey of becoming a man behind forming the grounds of politics in the United States. His moral character is questionable and he isn’t the perfect rebel to fight the constitution system but his insatiable aspirations make his journey worth watching.

Originally a Lin Manuel Miranda’s idea, Hamilton is a spectacle capturing a chaotic time in the history of America.  A musical magic you just cannot miss to watch because you might never be able to see such a masterclass act in front of your eyes if it weren’t for the exclusive virtual releases on the streaming platform. Filmed with nine cameras, reportedly hidden under sheets to not distract the live audience, the camera at times looks to dance with the members of the play.

The whole act seems like harmonious transportation to a world you just heard about and never watched with your naked eyes.   Leslie Odom Junior as Aaron Burr in a line says “I want to be in the room where it all happened” and through this power-packed musical act,  you certainly feel that you are in a room where it all happened, where King George ( Jonathan Groff)  is spitting and dancing like a Joker in the background. Where secretaries fight in rap battles to win an argument.

What really makes this lively act more essential is its casting where the old ideas of gender and race are thrown away. Roles like Thomas Jefferson,  James Madison, and Aaron Burr which should have been played by white men according to history, are played by the people of color.  It’s a history in a new format where the story is similar but it is made relevant to reflect the current times as well. For some who don’t enjoy a play, this will feel like an exhausting monotonous act but once you invest in it, this 160 mins long, Broadway play is nowhere close to being monotonous.

If the original story of Hamilton would have been told in a traditional movie format, this wouldn’t have been so much fun. Through its fast pace and its energizing rhythm, the play-movie covers the details which could have never been fitted even in a four hours film. And people would have never shown such interest to another chapter, another leader of the history of the United States. This is certainly the best attempt of the makers to reserve seats for everyone, who would have never got the chance to see such an act either because of its cost or less seating capacity.

Director: Thomas Kail

Cast: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr, Daveed Diggs, Phillipa Soo, Christopher Jackson, Anthony Ramos

Streaming: Disney+Hotstar

Final Verdict:  Masterpiece, a different kind of experience. Must Watch.

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