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Dil Bechara Film Review: Flawed yet somehow manages to work as a tribute because of its satisfying performances.

Aakash Mishra

“If you can’t even smile now, what about after death?, one of you will die while the other one will smile and exist, that’s what going to happen with you two, as well” This line said by Saif Ali Khan in the film hits hard realizing the fact that Sushant is not with us anymore. Dil Bechara, Sushant’s last film based on The Fault In Our Stars, isn’t an amazing tribute to the star, nor contains the actor’s best performance yet it somehow manages to work even after having some irreparable flaws throughout the narrative. This review mostly contains a summary and comparison to the original film, while the flaws will be discussed in a very limited manner.

Kizie Basu, dealing with thyroid cancer is living a monotonous, sad life with her medicines and a cylinder bag. After a while, enters Imanuel Singh Junior (Sushant) who is helping his best friend who also has retinal cancer, in making a Bhojpuri film. Immanuel’s leg was cut long back and he was living his life to the fullest with a prosthetic leg. Gradually Kizie and Imanuel bonded over an album by a singer who is living in a hibernated state somewhere. Somehow Imanuel manages to get the singer’s email and after a couple of them, they get an invitation to meet from the singer, himself. Sushant manages to convince Kizie’s family and they travel to Paris. The ending segment really saved the film from drowning in the second half.

Now, comparing it to the original, the changes made in culture are well-presented. But, in The Fault In Our Stars, both the frontrunners bond over a book, while here they bond over a song. While bonding over a book, looked more natural and authentic in the original, here bonding over an incomplete album felt quite over the top at places because obviously there are so many things to talk about a novel as compared to a song. In the original, the writer played by William Dafoe gets an effective space for his characterization but here Saif Ali Khan as the singer doesn’t get much space. Towards the end, the pace is rushed and everything appears to be happening very quickly which definitely highlights the inefficiency of the narrative style chosen by the director.

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Sushant’s performance towards the last 40 minutes, was really effective and amazing. Be prepared with tissue papers in the last segment. While Sanjana Sanghi as Kizie carried the movie in the first half pretty effectively. The songs by A.R Rahaman helped in creating a suitable mood for the whole narrative and the cinematography satisfyingly covered the atmosphere of Jamshedpur and Paris in a very neat manner. Both, Swastika Mukherjee and Saswata Chatterjee as Kizie’s parents, did a fantastic job. The film really shined because of its performances.

Overall, Dil Bechara is flawed yet deserves a watch, not for the execution of the actual plot but for the satisfying performances. Certainly, this isn’t Sushant’s best film, I still remember the goosebumps I got after watching his performances in Sonchiriya and Detective Byomkesh Bakshi. Dil Bechara doesn’t even come close to them but it still works as a tribute to one of the finest actors of Bollywood ever had.

Director: Mukesh Chhabra.

Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjana Sanghi, Saif Ali Khan.

Streaming: Disney+Hotstar.

Verdict- “Pain demands to be felt.“ Watch it for Sushant.

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