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Curon (S01) Review: Epitome of how to make an interesting plot appear poor and dull.

Aakash Mishra

At times you wish it was filled with amazing twists but it chooses not to do so. Eventually, it becomes boring and predictable.

Cast : Margherita Morchio, Valeria Bilello, Max Malatesta, Lucas Lionello


Creators: Fabio Mollo, Ivano Fachin, Ezio Abbate.


Netflix’s new Italian show Curon has an interesting premise but the makers aren’t able to use this effectively.


Curon, a strange town whose one side is completely submerged in the waters while the other side is well developed. Anna returns to her home after 17 years with her children.  Anna’s home is a hotel. As days pass by stranger things start to happen. Anna goes missing and her children Mauro and Daria explore darker things about the town while searching for their mother. The teen drama part of the show feels draggy rendering nothing but zilch. It could have been layered in a better way.


The show has an intriguing premise but it never really wants to take any risks. It has a tone very much similar to Dark and in fact, it gives similar vibes at different instances. It has a concept very similar to Paul Rudd’s Living with Yourself but this show has a darker tone. Alex Rider which released a few days ago didn’t have a completely similar concept but certainly has a set of similarities. The show wants to be more horrifying and dark but it remains cautious. At times you wish it was filled with amazing twists but it chooses not to do so. Eventually, it becomes boring and predictable. The show never becomes gripping in nature and apparently the slow pace which was understandable in the first episodes becomes another flaw in the narrative.

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Curon isn’t just a town where the narrative is taking place, it becomes a character on its own. As the show progresses it reveals darker and stranger things about itself but is pulled back by the makers to maintain a sort of authenticity. Creators want to give a supernatural touch but they want to be realistic as well, frankly, it isn’t a bad idea but there is a way to maintain a balance between these two things. Certainly, the show doesn’t know how to do so. Except Daria played by Margherita Morchio, all the characters don’t even come under the category of satisfying performances. The cinematography is the only good point about the show but lack of proper editing even hindered the goodness of cinematography. The music score is quite literally the worst, it doesn’t help the narrative to appear dark. The urban cool touch doesn’t suit the mysticness of the premise.


Overall, Curon had interesting elements but certainly, the creators don’t know how to play with it.


FINAL VERDICT – Poor, had the ability to be way better.

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