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Punjab CM: Shocked at Notification on Farm Laws

Devanshi Doshi

Captain Amarinder Singh, the Chief Minister of Punjab, expressed his astonishment over Aam Admi Party’s (AAP) ‘double standards on the farmer’s protests.’ He said that the party has exposed itself by their brazen implementation of the draconian farm laws while they show solidarity with the farmers in their protests against the very same laws. 

On Tuesday, the Chief Minister of Punjab said that even as AAP was claiming to be supporting the farmers, the Arvind Kejriwal government was actually stabbing the farmers in the back by executing the black law through a gazette notification on November 23. He further added that the party was indulging in political games to further its electoral agenda. 

The statement came after AAP was one of the many political parties that showed its support to the protesting farmers openly. It kept slamming the Central Government for treating the protesting farmers so. Quite clearly, AAP had been working behind the farmers’ backs all these days, alleged Amarinder. He further said slamming the two-faced party, “Do they have no shame?”

"First, they failed to pass any amendment laws in the Delhi Assembly to negate the central laws, as was done in Punjab. And now they have gone so far as to officially notify the agricultural legislations in Delhi, where AAP is in power. The party's true intent and affiliation has been utterly exposed," Captain Amarinder said. In any case, he pointed out that MSP and other issues raised by the farmers did not relate to Punjab alone but farmers of the whole country. "Can't you see that farmers from all agricultural states are marching to Delhi to fight against the farm laws? Or is that you simply cannot see beyond your own petty political interests," he asked AAP leaders.

After BJP had accused AAP of doing politics a few days back, Raghav Chada of AAP had said, “If it is politics to stand with farmers at such a time, then we are guilty of doing so.” The disclosure of the party’s ‘double standards’ by Captain Amarinder Singh weakens the statement by Chada. 

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