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‘Potential for violence’: YouTube blocks Donald Trump’s channel temporarily

Vishnu Vasisht

Trump's YouTube channel

After Facebook and Twitter, YouTube has also given a major blow to US President Donald Trump. YouTube has also removed new video content uploaded by Donald Trump from its platform. According to the report, YouTube has suspended Trump's channel on charges of violation of terms of service. YouTube imposed a one-week (7-day) ban, saying that posting anything could spread violence.

The move comes in wake of the US Capitol violence by Trump's supporters recently. Four people had died in the clashes between protesters and police.

According to media reports, the YouTube company says that a video of Donald Trump has violated his policies. Donald Trump's channel name on YouTube is is Donald J. Trump. His channel has a subscriber base of 2.77 million.

Joe Biden will take the oath of office in the US on January 20, 2020. With this, Joe Biden will become America's 46th president. Recently, Twitter suspended Donald Trump's account permanently. Apart from this, Facebook and Instagram also banned Donald Trump's account till 20 January.

In a tweet, YouTube wrote, 'In light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, we removed new content'.

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