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PlayStation 5 Could Get an Update to Unlock M.2 Expansion Slot This Summer

Arpan Saha



  • PlayStation 5 may get support for internal storage expansion this summer.
  • PlayStation 5 comes in a disk and disk-less variant.
  • Sony has not shared a timeline for the update.

PlayStation 5 may get a firmware update this summer that will unlock its M.2 expansion slot. The console launched in November 2020 with a 1TB super-fast SSD and another empty M.2 slot for expansion but it was software locked. Now, a report states that Sony might release a firmware update this summer that would activate the second M.2 slot and allow users to add more fast storage to the console.

While the console comes with a 1TB drive, not all of it is available for use. Given the size of current generation games, this has been a matter of concern to some gamers.

Sony may release a firmware update that would unlock the PlayStation 5's secondary M.2 expansion slot. The PS5 (Review) comes with two storage slots, one of which is equipped with a 1TB PCIe Gen 4 NV ME SSD. While accessing the secondary storage slot is relatively easy.

That 1TB on-board storage space, only 825GB is available, and on top of that, only 667GB is actually usable to store games and media on. With growing game sizes, it wouldn't take too long to fill up the 667GB leaving gamers with the dreaded situation of having to remove old games to install new ones. The ability to just add more storage would be ideal.

The firmware update will allow the PS5's cooling fan to spin faster to accommodate for the extra heat that will be generated after adding more storage. Also, there will most likely be specific third-party SSDs that will work with the PS5 that would likely have to meet the standard of the on-board SSD. Right now, the PS5 allows for external storage but that cannot be used to run native PS5 games.


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