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Pakistan bomb blast: 7 killed and 70 injured in Peshawar

Rida Shaikh

Seven students were killed and many more got wounded on Tuesday in a bomb blast at a madrasa in Peshawar, Pakistan. The officials informed that a bomb blast had taken place at a madrasa in Northwestern Pakistan (Peshawar).

More than 60 people were learning in the madrasa when the bomb went off. The blast tore through the madrasa in Peshawar, around 170 kilometers west of Islamabad. Waqir Azim, a senior police official told AFP, “The blast took place in a seminary during a Koran class. Someone took a bag inside the seminary.” He furthermore informed that the bomb was placed in a bag and the person who had brought the bag inside the institution left before the lecture started at the Jamia Zuberia seminary.

A spokesperson from the local hospital confirmed the deaths of the students. Mohammad Asim Khan confirmed with the AFP that seven dead bodies and 70 injured people had been carried o the facility. Asim Khan said, “Most of those killed and injured were hit by the ball bearings and some were badly burnt. All of the dead men were aged between 20 to 40. Teachers and boys as young as seven were injured in the attack.”

Safiullah Khan who is a teacher at the madrasa told AFP, “More than 1,000 students are currently enrolled at the madrasa. It is roughly divided into two sections, one is for students below 18 years of age and the other is for students aged above 18. The blast took place in the section where students above the age of 18 were taking a class.” He furthermore added that the blast through the wall that divided the two sections.

When the explosion took place, a teacher was seen explaining the teachings of Prophet Muhammad in Pashto and Arabic in a live stream of the session. Shortly after this, rescue workers were seen scanning the place for people and were rescuing them.


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