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Oxford Word of The Year; Not 1 but 47

Devanshi Doshi

Oxford Dictionary, like every year, released its word of the year. However, this time, instead of one, Oxford went ahead and released 47 words. 47 words of the unprecedented year 2020.

The team described this year as a year which “cannot be neatly accommodated in one single word.” It explained that it used "evidence-based data" to explore 2020's language developments. It added, “We saw new words emerge, and historical words resurface with new significance, as the English language developed rapidly to keep pace with the political upheaval and societal tensions that defined the year.” 

Casper Grathwohl, the president of Oxford Dictionaries said, “I have never witnessed a year in language like the one we've just had. The Oxford team was identifying hundreds of significant new words and usages as the year unfolded, dozens of which would have been a slam dunk for Word of the Year at any other time. It's both unprecedented and a little ironic - in a year that left us speechless, 2020 has been filled with new words unlike any other.“ 

When we have a look at the words, almost no one will question why a particular word made it to the list of the words of the years. While some words have become a part of our daily routine, others aren’t unheard either. The choice of the words highlight a particular event or how a particular event gave rise to another word.

Complete List By Oxford:-

  1. Allyship
  2. Anthropause
  3. Anti-masker
  4. Bc (before Covid)
  5. Black Lives Matter
  6. BLM
  7. Blursday
  8. Bubble
  9. Cancel Culture 
  10. Curcuit breaker
  11. Community transmission 
  12. Coronavirus 
  13. Covid-19
  14. Covidiot
  15. Decolonize 
  16. Defund
  17. Doomscrolling
  18. Flatten the curve
  19. Furlough
  20. Hygiene Theatre
  21. Infodemic
  22. Juneteenth
  23. Learning modality 
  24. Lockdown 
  25. Mail- in
  26. Moonshot
  27. Net zero
  28. Pandemic
  29. Personal Protective equipment 
  30. Plandemic
  31. PPE
  32. R number
  33. Rona
  34. Sanny
  35. Self- Isolate 
  36. Social Distancing
  37. Superspreader
  38. Systematic racism
  39. Take a knee
  40. Twindemic
  41. Unmute
  42. Veronica Basket
  43. Virtue- signalling 
  44. Wet Market
  45. Wokeness
  46. Workation
  47. Zoombombing

Last year, the word of the year was ‘climate emergency.’ 

My favourite words from the list are unmute and workation, what’s yours?


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