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Odisha couple completes their marriage by feeding 500 stray dogs

Rida Shaikh

A newlywed couple from Bhubaneshwar, Odisha completed their marriage by feeding five hundred stray dogs in the city. The couple contacted an animal care center and fed a sum of five hundred stray dogs.

The couple, Eureka Apta and Joanna Wang, from Bhubaneshwar, tied the knot simply and traditionally at a temple. They partnered with an animal care group to feed 500 stray dogs. The couple collaborated with Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra. Besides feeding the dogs, they also donated to an animal shelter in the city that rescues strays.

Joanna Wang told ANI, “On September 25, when our wedding was organized, we just wanted to do something good and contribute to society. We planned with Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra (AWTE) and Purvi, its founder, to organize a food drive for 500 animals across Bhubaneswar. We also provided her with medicines, food, and small monetary help for her shelter.”

The shelter inspired the couple immensely and hence they decided to get married after courting for three years by organizing a feast for these animals. Hence, while the couple were having a simple wedding at the temple, the animal care group involved themselves in feeding the stray dogs by distributing them meals all over the city.

Eureka told the New Indian Express, “Early this year, we rescued a dog which had met with an accident. That’s when we had first visited the shelter. And, the sight of helpless animals - some with injured or wounded limbs - made us feel miserable. It was then that we decided why not donate for animals instead of choosing other forms of charity.”

The couple was also pretty much proactive in feeding the stray dogs while the government imposed a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since no one decided to get out of their homes, the duo prepared meals for dogs and distributed them. The couple claimed that the best wedding gift for them would’ve been an experienced vet offering their services to AWTE.


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