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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in coma, sister takes control: Reports

Vishnu Vasisht

Bad news is coming about North Korea's dictatorial ruler Kim Jong-un. Kim is said to have gone into a coma and her sister Kim Yo-jong is preparing to handle national and international affairs. Many media reporters have given this information.

Chang Song-min, a former ally of former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, has posted a post talking about North Korean leader Kim Jong going into a coma. According to Chang Song-min, North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un is not only in a coma, but his sister Kim Yo-jong has been officially given the responsibility of handling relations with the US and South Korea.

Chang Song-min, who took charge as Kim Da-jung's tenure as secretary of political affairs and head of the state affairs watchdog, allegedly claimed in a social media post that no North Korean leader could not delegate authority to another person, unless he is too ill to rule or is removed through a coup.

He told the Korea Herald that I assess him (Kim Jong Un) in a coma, but he is not dead yet. He said, a full succession structure has not been formed, so Kim Yo-jong is being brought to the fore as the post cannot be left vacant for long. Chang claimed to have received information from a Chinese source that Kim was in a coma.

According to the South Korean newspaper, Seoul's espionage agency told lawmakers at a closed-door meeting about a ruling system that Kim had decided that he would share authority and responsibility with his most trusted allies.

The North Korean dictator rejected Chang's claim months after not publicly making a presence amid speculation of his deteriorating health. He was last seen presiding over a meeting of the Workers Party Politburo on April 11, before a top security adviser about rumors of South President Moon Jae-in saying Kim Jong was alive and well. He was then seen cutting the ribbon on the opening of a fertilizer factory on 2 May.

However, Chang has claimed that all pictures of Kim released by North Korea in recent months were fake.

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