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New Delhi: Man plots minor’s murder after watching crime TV show CID

Rida Shaikh

A twenty-two-year-old man from New Delhi has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping a minor boy and later murdering him so as to marry his mother. The Police informed that the accused has been identified as Bittu and is a resident of Sanjay Colony Bhati Mines. Bittu had plotted the kidnapping and the murder after watching the Hindi serial CID.

The Police said that the man strangulated the minor boy to death. He later threw the minor boy's body in a pond. But, the body did not drown and was afloat. When the accused noticed this, he tried to burn the body. However, the accused was unsuccessful in that as well because the body was wet and wouldn't catch fire. He then dumped the body in a plastic bag and ultimately threw it in the same pond.

The minor boy's mother lodged a missing complaint on 28th November. First, it was found out that there was a dispute between the minor's parents for the custody of the child. His parents were living separately.

After interrogating the minor's parents, it was found that they had no clue about the missing boy or where he might have gone. Then the Police decided to check the CCTV footage but they couldn't make out the boy's movements.

The Police later found a heavily decomposed body of a minor boy. The body was recovered from a pond in Maidan Garhi Village in New Delhi on Thursday. The parents were then called to identify the body. During the probe, a man's name surfaced who knew the minor's boy.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Atul Kumar Thakur said, "The Police apprehended him and questioned him. After the investigation, the accused revealed that he had been attracted to the woman, the minor boy's mother, since childhood. But her parents made her marry another man."

Bittu remained in love with the woman all this time, even after she was married to another man. The DCP informed that the parents of the boy started living separately due to a matrimonial dispute between them that started two years ago. The woman then returned to her parent's house.

Bittu saw this as an opportunity to get close to the woman. He then started sending her food and other items through her son. He also maintained a very friendly relation with the boy.

So when Bittu asked the woman to marry him, she refused because of her son. The accused used to watch CID and got inspired by the incidents shown in the crime show. He decided to adopt one of those methods to kidnap and kill the boy so that he could marry the woman.

On 28th November, the accused saw that the boy was on his way to the market. He called him and invited him to have some berries in the jungle. He took him to a jungle in the Maidan Garhi area in New Delhi and strangulated him to death and then dumped the body in the pond nearby. He immediately returned home and also helped the woman to search for the minor.

He again visited the jungle the next day and noticed that the body had not drowned. So he tried to burn the body but it wouldn't catch fire as the body was wet. Finally, the accused dumped his body in a plastic bag and threw it in the same pond.


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