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Netherlands: New organ in human throat discovered

Vishnu Vasisht

'Live science' reported that scientists in the Netherlands have discovered the possibility of a new organ in the human throat. Researchers at the Netherlands Cancer Institute have discovered a new organ during research on prostate cancer.

New salivary glands have been found in the upper part of the throat. They have been called "tubular salivary glands".

The researchers confirmed the presence of the glands after examining at least 100 patients, according to a study published in the journal Radiotherapy and Oncology. This finding is significant in relation to cancer treatment.

The nasopharynx, or part of the back of the nose, was thought to contain nothing but fine and fused salivary glands.

1.5 inches

Newly discovered glands average about 1.5 inches (3.9 cm) in length. Live Science reported that these are located above the cartilage known as the torus tubarius. Researchers say that the glands cause moisture and lubrication in the upper throat behind the nose and mouth.

So far, three large salivary glands have been found in humans, one under the tongue, one below the jawbone, and the other behind the jawbone on the side behind the cheek.

“Beyond that, thousands of microscopic salivary glands are scattered throughout the mucosal tissue of the throat and mouth. So, imagine how surprised we were when we found them, ”said Wouter Vogel, co-author of the study and a radiation gynecologist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

This organ was discovered while studying prostate cancer cells using PSMA-CT technology.

Vogel said radiotherapy is being used by doctors to treat cancers of the head and neck and to avoid major salivary glands. He said that if they were damaged, it would affect their eating and talking.

However, in this case, the radiation would have affected the newly discovered glands because doctors did not know that the organ was present in the human body. Therefore, the new finding may help reduce side effects in cancer patients.

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