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NEET 2020: Exam underway allover the country

Vishnu Vasisht

NEET examinations have started across the country from 2 pm on Sunday. Like JEE, special arrangements have been made at all exam centers for NEET examinations. Most attention is being given to social distancing here. NEET examinations have been conducted at 111 centers in Delhi. At the same time, the examination is being taken at a total of 3862 centers across the country. The temperature of all the candidates is being checked at the main entrance of the examination centers.

According to the rules set by the NEET i.e. National Examination Agency, only 90 students are entering a test center at a time. After the examination is over, students in groups of 24-24 will be brought out. This is being done so that the examination centers are not crowded and students can follow the rules of social distancing. At the examination centers, students also gave a self declaration of not having Coronavirus symptoms.

While 111 examination centers have been created for NEET exam in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh has the maximum 320 examination centers in North India. There are 615 examination centers in Maharashtra and 322 in Kerala.

‘Precautions Taken’: NTA

The NTA said, taking care of Coronavirus infection, each examination center has been sanitized. “Arrangements have been made to completely sanitize all the places of floor, walls, furniture, elevators, stairs and RAM etc. of the examination center”.

Vineet Jain, who reached the examination center for NEET examination, said, “After a long wait, these exams are happening today”.

At the same time, Railways has announced that NEET candidates and their parents are allowed to go on the local trains. Students and their parents are being provided tickets to go to the examination center and return. This ticket has been given on the submission of admit cards by the students. Special arrangements have been made by various state governments to make students reach the examination centers in many places across the country.

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