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National Techies Day 2020: What is it and why is it celebrated?

Rida Shaikh

October 3rd is observed as the National Techies Day. It is intended for the people who are interested in technology and aims at encouraging students to opt for a career in technology.

Many would have the misconception that the National Techies Day is meant to celebrate the tech-savvy people. That's not what National Techies Day is all about. The day aims to encourage the youth to find a career in the vast field of technology. It is also about the people who love technology but the greater agenda of celebrating the day lies within promoting jobs in the field of technology.

National Techies Day was started in 1998 by the website Techies.com in collaboration with CNET Networks.  The word “techie” usually implies to a person who is highly enthusiastic over technical skills or possesses fondness or interest or the characteristic of being technically proficient, especially in the field of computers.

The primary goal of the day was to help high school students to learn about the various career opportunities in the field of technology. While giving immense importance to the role technology would play in the future, this initiative sought to attract human resources in the fields of computer programming, software development, network management, and so on.

There are several ways in which you can celebrate this day. Some are:

  • Extend your thanks to those who work in the tech industry.
  • Improvise your technical skills.
  • Make social media posts or blog posts using #NationalTechiesDay.
  • Post information that interests the tech-savvy people.
  • Share technology job opportunities to tech-related vacancy ads.
  • Be an influencer on tech-related matters.
  • Patiently, let the techies celebrate this day.
  • Take part in and support the local tech activities.


Technology is a vital foundation and the most important component in progress. In the coming future, everything will be dominated by technology. So making investments in tech knowledge is the most sensible move.


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