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#SwadeshiFirst: An Initiative to promote Indian Manufacturers; Movement trends on Twitter

Vishnu Vasisht

To support Indian manufacturers and local goods, Social Media Influencer Anshul Saxena in collaboration with 'The String', an online channel, 'Swadeshi First' initiative was announced on 31 May 2020. The movement aims at promoting the business for Indian manufacturers. Many local manufacturers reached out for the same and currently, teachers and academicians have also been associated with the movement.

With the tagline of 'Swadeshi should be the first priority', The video by The String starts off with questioning Indians "Do you know how stupid you are?" The question seems rude, but it is a tight slap to all those who question about the economy, unemployment, but instead purchase Chinese goods. This is nothing but feeding our enemies to make them better.

Not supporting Indian products has made PM Modi's vision of 5 trillion dollar economy a herculean task. The movement claims that only protests during the heat of the moments and blaming governments are the only happenings and not really supporting Indian goods.

Swadeshi First is not only about boycotting products, but buying Indian goods and helping out fellow countrymen. "We have immense talents in our country and have given numerous CEOs to top companies. But, all of them work for foreign companies, due to lack of political will and not supporting Indian products. India is still very weak due to it's pathetic education system, and the lack of applying new technologies in agriculture".

The movement asks fellow Indians to support our own country, by making our goods' priority 'Indian'. "Whenever such initiatives are taken up, it has been ridiculed and have been told impractical," the video says.

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"Buying Indian products should be an habit as 'Swadeshi' means belonging to one's own Nation. Right now, the dependance is such that this cannot be done overnight and it will take time".

#SwadeshiFirst was trending on Twitter and has received lot of support by local manufacturers. With the Swadeshi First initiative, Four collaborators are currently associated.

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