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Kerala Elephant Murder: 12 SHOCKING! Videos That Proves ‘Man is the Cruelest Animal’ –WATCH

Ritika Singh

Kerala Elephant Murder: 12 SHOCKING! Videos 'Man is the Cruelest Animal'

All humanity needs to hang its head in shame for an inhuman exploit that took place on May 27 in Malappuram, Kerala. A 15-year-old pregnant elephant was fed a pineapple stuffed with crackers. The fruit exploded in the elephant’s mouth ripping off a part of its face and tongue & the innocent died a slow and painful death due to the injuries.

It breaks our heart, that this is not the first incident of such unspeakable cruelty wreaked on animals in India. Sadly, there are much more heart-wrenching incidents of animal cruelty that are not even reported. Though, Cruelty against animals is a cognizable offence under Section 428 and Section 429 of the Indian penal code but the implementation of laws made for the protection of animals is deplorable. Pregnant Elephant Fed Pineapple Stuffed With Crackers In Kerala, Died Standing In River

After the Malappuram elephant incident broke Internet and left netizens shattered. Many other videos/pictures of animal cruelty in India have been revolving the Internet. We have got you with some of them. Have a look –

1. A shocking video of cows from Tamilnadu being hammered to death in Kerala was released in year 2016 by a renowned media house Puthiya Thalaimurai TV.    


2. On 29 July, 2018 A pregnant goat was gangraped by 8 men in Haryana.According to reports, a pregnant goat that went missing and was later found dead by the owner was stolen and abused by the accused at a deserted house, following which the animal died.

3. A young male dog seeking for shelter was brutally beaten up to death in Worli. The animal suffered multiple injuries including that of abdomen and head after he was attacked by the guards of Turf View building in July.


4. In year 2015, Wild Films India posted a video of gruesome cruelty practiced for political gains. It was a bloody welcome for Andhra Pradesh Congress chief N Raghuveera Reddy as party members stuffed live doves into rocket cones and fired them on his arrival in Kovvuru town in West Godavari district.

Two pigeons fell dead while the rest had their wings and claws scorched. Cadres had even tied party flags to the necks of the harmless birds.


5.Junagadh, March 2018: In this disheartening video, we can spot three men mercilessly beating a dog to death. The video shows a dog sleeping in a temple, when suddenly two men come out of nowhere and start thrashing it with bamboo sticks, a third abuser joins in and beats the dog till it lies lifeless on the temple premises. The third man is then seen dragging it by its legs and throwing him in the bushes nearby.


6.A video was released by PETA India shows Cruel Treatment of Baby Chicks in poultry farms and meat industries. Live chicks along with eggshells are dumped into grinders for production of meat.


7. A disturbing two-minute video from Uttar Pradesh's Pilibhit district broke Internet. The video shows an adult tigress being beaten to death with sticks by villagers this week. The video proves humans are the real monsters.


8. Ujjain: A video of animal cruelty has emerged in Dharmanagri. In this video, some boys are seen tying mouth of a Stray Dog and throwing it into the pond and recording the incident. A child is also heard commentating in the background. Police has registered a case against 3 people including two minor boys.


9. The upsetting mobile phone footage of pangolin poaching was captured by an undercover researcher of WildCRU in Assam. Pangolins have earned the reputation as one of the most illegally trafficked mammal. Checkout this video—


10.  A barbaric video stormed Internet, where a monkey and her newborn child were brutally manhandled by a monkey catcher at National Media Centre (a posh colony of Gurugram) . Here's the video uploaded by ScoopWhoop-


11.Elephant evoke a strong emotional reaction in India. Sadly, despite being venerated as a god and idolised on the big screen as man's best friend, the elephants are abused & killed for entertainment, tusks and fun. The insatiable demand for ivory has led to slaughter of tuckers and number has fallen alarmingly low. The recent killing of the animal in Mallapuram raised questioned many questions. Check out this upsetting video captured from the jungles of India —

12.Few days ago, A bizarre incident in Karnataka has been widely circulated on all social media platforms. A man who was returning from a liquor shop bit a snake on the road.A video of the man biting the snake on the road went viral on social media. The man saw the rat snake while he was returning from a liquor shop.A one-minute clip is from Kolar in Karanataka. According to the Range Forest Officer, the man has been identified as Kumar (38) and the incident took place at Mustur village in Kolar district’s Mulbagal. Kumar was later arrested by Mulbagal forest department officials and a case registered against him.


If everyone starts to look at animals and not just dogs and cats as fellow animal but whom we share our planet, we will see far fewer cases of cruelty towards animals. Any animal attacks only if it has been molested first. No animal attacks without reason. We, as a society must educate our youth the basic truth that the world is meant to be shared by all God’s creations and we must learn to live together with them.

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