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#BanAllChineseProducts: Harbhajan Singh first celebrity in the Country to respond to the call of CAIT India

Vishnu Vasisht

After 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash with Chinese soldiers in Galwan Valley of Ladakh, there is an atmosphere of anger in the country and people are seen shouting anti-China slogans. 'Boycott Chinese Goods' Is being called in many cities of the country. Now, Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh has also come to protest against Chinese goods, due to which China has become unhappy.

Actually, recently, Harbhajan Singh made a tweet which China hasn't liked. Indian cricketer Harbhajan wrote on his Twitter that 'there is only one way to keep both body and nation healthy. Chinese shut down'.

Global Times even wrote an editorial about the matter. China has not liked that an Indian celebrity is talking about boycotting Chinese goods. It has been written in the editorial that after the clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers on the border, the people of India are talking about nationalism. They are talking of "boycotting Chinese products". Indian cricketer Harbhajan is talking about banning Chinese products. Retired Army Major Ranjit Singh is asking people to throw away Chinese goods which is not a good thing, the Global Times wrote.

Earlier, newspaper editor Hu Xi Jin responded to Harbhajan's tweet. Hu Xi Jin wrote on his Twitter that China has gone far beyond the era in which celebrities talk of boycotting foreign goods. This 'effective' person is counted among India's most famous sports stars who is presenting a negative image of great Indian culture.

"To keep both body and nation healthy, There is only one solution, Thumbs up "Sugar Off" Thumbs up. "Desi Goods" for the body and "Desi Goods" for the nation," Bhajji wrote.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) lauded Harbhajan on becoming the first Indian celebrity to support the idea of boycotting Chinese goods.

CAIT Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal lauded Bhajji in a tweet.

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