Mujahid Balussery’s attempt to convert Kerala into an Islamist state.

Rida Shaikh

Mujahid Balussery is an Islamic preacher who has called out publicly to turn the state of Kerala into an Islamic state, a ‘caliphate', within a decade.

Mujahid, in a video of his, is seen calling out to “Mujahids” ( an Arabic term for jihadis) to convert Kerala into a ‘caliphate'. He is also seen saying, “Send all Muslims of Kerala to the Mujahid mosques on Friday so that we can turn Kerala into an Islamic state in 10 years!”

In the past, Hindus made up around 55% of the population  Muslims made 27% of the population and the Christians constituted 18% of the population. However, since 2016 the birth rate among the Muslims residing in Kerala, as compared to the Hindus has risen unreasonably and also there is a constant increase in the number of Love Jihad cases coming under the spotlight. Not only this, but it is also the hub of the maximum ISIS recruits.

Hence, the demographic studies conducted on Kerala show that Kerala might turn into an Islamic state in the coming 2-3 decades.

Mujahid Balussery continues to say, “We have a duty here…. A man can be morally perfect in every way but will be denied heaven if he worships other gods. Because saying ‘Guruvayurappa save me’ is shirk and is a bigger sin than adultery, homosexuality or lending money for interest and the person will go to hell.”

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So the secularism and tolerance in Kerala has come off as an obligation only to the Hindus. Nevertheless, whatever statements he passes are backed by religious scriptures of Islam. Even, Mahatma Gandhi was criticized and denounced to hell by the so-called ‘secular' leaders while they led the Khilafat Movement.

In a 2017 video of his, he is seen saying, “If you donate money to a Hindu temple or festival, you’re encouraging shirk which is the gravest sin. You wouldn’t donate money to a brothel or a pub.” Because he compared temples to a brothel and made derogatory remarks against another religion, a case was registered against him. Regardless, he got out on bail on certain conditions like surrendering his passport and not to commit the same offences in the future.

Sometime back, a fugitive criminal Islamist, Zakir Naik had persuaded the Muslims to migrate to Kerala. This seemed as a jointly coordinated effort to carve out an Islamic state in Kerala.

The authorities should be arresting Mujahid Balussery, for he violated the conditions on which he was granted the bail and a detailed investigation needs to be taken by a central agency to look in this Islamist plot.

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