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More than 2,000 monitoring instruments to stop sound pollution in Bengal

Debanjana Dutta

A top government official said on Tuesday that 2,000 noise monitoring units have been deployed across West Bengal to curb noise pollution in the state. The state Pollution Control Board is handing over these units to various police stations for deployment.

According to the Pollution Control Board, 600 sound monitoring units have already been set up in Kolkata and adjoining police stations. He said, ‘The source of noise pollution can be identified by the use of loudspeakers , construction area activities, religious, social and political events and very low scale old equipment in densely populated areas. “The Pollution Control Board will involve law enforcement agencies in the fight against noise pollution,” the board said in a statement. So we will hand over these devices to the police, who will record the noise of various noisy areas, including the market area, throughout the year, and we will analyze that data. ”

Earlier, police used hand sound monitoring devices at Kali Pujo or any other festival. Because the level of noise pollution would have increased due to the explosion of fireworks. Noise monitoring stations have been set up in every district town by the Pollution Control Board. It is learned that these sound monitoring stations will calculate the decibels of each area and will help the Pollution Control Board to understand the situation in that area. It will be very useful especially during different festivals, as well as explain the difference between the sound of day and night. After the noise analysis, the Pollution Control Board will instruct the district administration to maintain the sound quality in the area.

It is learned that 10 monitoring stations in Kolkata including Bagbazar, Patuli, New Market, Kasba, Salt Lake, Tollygunge have been working for several years already and more monitoring stations will be set up in the city. Although the official did not specify how many word monitoring stations would be set up in the state, he said work had begun on calling for tenders.

Prominent environmentalist Subhash Dutta, however, criticized the Pollution Control Board, saying they knew where the sources of noise pollution were. Then also they acted so late. In addition to noise pollution, he also took up the issue of environmental pollution with the Pollution Control Board. He said the environment was being polluted by various pathological labs but the government agencies were not taking any action despite knowing it.

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