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Military of Myanmar blocks Internet, clamps down critics

Alok Parekh

Military of Myanmar shuts down Internet

The military of Myanmar is making ceaseless attempts to end the current crisis that is going on in the Asian country. However, the military of Myanmar is now switching towards the digital world. Internet is being blocked in areas and arrest warrants are being issued against online critics because they are the reason that huge rallies are becoming rare in the face of the diligent and fierce shutdowns and limitations by the security forces.

On Saturday, April 3, an activist group in Myanmar, which is called the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), firmly said that the security forces have killed a total of more than 500 Myanmar people, out of which about 50 were small children, since February 1 when the forces took over the previously elected government, which was led by Aung San Suu Kyi.
In spite of the constant repression, the people who have been opposing the coup are conducting marches on a daily basis throughout the country, in all the cities and towns. While marching, they usually hold small, fast roadshows of the scorn showed by the military of Myanmar, even before the forces could respond.
The people in charge, who have already blocked mobile data to prevent the opposition, also directed and instructed internet providers on Friday, April 2, to shut the wireless broadband connections as well, which as a result, deprived all the customers of accessing the Internet.

According to some recent reports, on Friday, April 2, the military of Myanmar had also come up with issuing warrants for 18 of the most important business celebrities. The 18 arrest warrants included those for some social media influencers as well as two journalists under a law wherein the material which was spoken about or shown led to members of the military of Myanmar to revolt against their duty.


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