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Kolkata: Massive fire in Salt Lake destroys pandal and idol before immersion

Ipshita Bagchi

Massive fire in Kolkata destroys pandal

A massive fire broke out in the Salt Lake area of Kolkata around 6.20 am on Wednesday, destroying one of the most the famous Durga Puja pandals. The FD block Durga Puja was caught up in flames before the committee could immerse the idol today. The entire pandal, including the idol and the decorations, have been reduced to ashes.

The puja organizers rushed to the site as the fire department was informed.

Sujit Basu, the West Bengal Minister for fire and emergency services, was also spotted accessing the fire in Kolkata. "Fire tenders reached the spot within 15 minutes. But the pandal was damaged before the fire brigade personnel could reach the spot," he said. “How and why the fire started is impossible for me to say at the moment. Police and Fire department officials ensured that the fire did not spread further to other nearby pandals,” Basu added.

Fire in Kolkata destroys pandal

However, the FD block Durga Puja organizers sensed a conspiracy regarding the incident. "The Puja at FD Block was conducted in accordance with the government directives and the protocols laid out by the Calcutta High Court,” said one of the organizers to ABP Ananda. The organizers demand a fair investigation of the incident.

The Bidhannagar south police officials were looking into CCTV footage to determine the cause of the fire. However, the cause of the fire remains unknown. Based on the investigation of the Bidhanngar Police Station so far, they have reportedly begun questioning the people who were apparently present around the pandal during the time when the fire first broke out. Thankfully, nobody was neither injured nor were any casualties reported.

However, further investigation is yet to be carried out by the Forensic team. "I have already asked the police to give requisition to the forensic team. We will conduct a fair enquiry into the matter and the findings from it will be used thoroughly in the investigation,” the minister added.

The FD block pandal idol was to be immersed later today. 

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