Masks: Will these Shields unmask a new era of Fashion?

Shubham Sharma

With the Coronavirus pandemic glitching the entire world into its vicious trap, a new clothing accessory is ready to place its foundation into our wardrobe. The apparel is worthy enough not only to protect us from Coronavirus, but also clinch a part of the fashion status of dressers.

So, what is this new trending apparel, going to be a handy tradition in coming days? The answer is something not very prominent a few days earlier, but now a compulsion to save existence - It's a Face Mask. Yes, a face mask, or a Corona Shield.

Face Mask has become an essential ingredient of every human's life today against Corona battleground. From celebrities to a common civilian, every human is bound to use Face Masks today to ensure survival. Earlier Friday, the Centres for Disease Control officially recommended the use of Face Masks as a protection aid against coronavirus, to help prevent the spreading of this communicable disease. It is even predicted that after the world ends with the period of quarantines and lockdown, face masks will be seen worn to break the transmission chain. This will majorly be observed at community spots- schools, colleges, malls, buses, railway stations, workplaces, etc.

Covering faces- something not unusual
However, this tradition of covering the faces is not afresh. From a very long period, women of Middle East countries- UAE, Qatar, etc.used to cover their lower half of the faces with  Niqab - a traditional attire. In Asian countries like India,  where roads are adorned with dust, people usually cover their nostrils with a handkerchief. Indian ladies and girls can often be seen covering their faces with Dupatta - a long cloth piece part of their attire. They cap their fronts so as to prevent skin tans and allergies due to dust in hot and humid weathers. Indian Farmers can also be seen wrapping their faces with Gamcha - a kind of towel made of cotton, used to prevent themselves from hot loo. A uniform convention was followed a few days back, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation covering his face with a similar Gamcha, urging the civilians to use such kind of old fabrics to be utilized as a mask.

Masks - going to be a Status Repute?

The use of masks worldwide has given rise to a similar pattern of fashion to be adopted in near days. Masks are likely to get a Fashion Degree - the way leather belts, sunglasses, hairbands got the repute in the market. Big fashion ventures - Gucci, Prada, LVMH, including sports enterprises - Ball and Buck, have started producing fashionable masks, made of Silk de Chine and cotton poplin in America. These start from a range of $20, going to heights with innovative creations and styles printed on them. Men are preferring for camouflage masks. Masks with signature looks of rappers like Travis Scott, 2 Chainz are also in demand. Some online shopping sites in America are also offering free masks with some requisite amount of shopping done. In India, top-notch fashion designers, Masaba Gupta, running the enterprise 'Masaba' and Ankita Dongre are ready with some unique designs of masks to make them look cool and funky, best suited for teenagers. Piku fame filmmaker Shoojit Sircar has mentioned growing use of masks a new Fashion Trend, which can even be observed in movies soon.
Thus, a protection cover, which is meant for the prevention of a disease, can soon be seen with the masses with new creative ideas, which will not only help to protect them from allergies and infections, but also form a new Society Gesture. Be ready for a new, unique Fashion Revolution!!




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